Confessions of an immature adult

You know that you’re beautiful.






Hands up if you’ve ever found yourself absentmindedly singing along to One Direction’s massive hit What Makes You Beautiful? Keep your hand raised if you know the names of any of the boy band members and what they’re wearing in the video clip. Advance to go and collect $200 if you know Harry Styles is dating an older woman (and at some point thought: that could be me!).

C’mon, I know I’m not the only one (not the Harry part, I’m a Louie fan: striped top, grey scarf) who is 32 going on 13.

I’m a teen (sometimes tween) living in an adult’s body. I never became the grown up who buys only classic, well thought out wardrobe staples. I still shop at Sportsgirl, the only difference now is that I’m trying to manoeuvre a pram around the tightly packed merchandise.

I‘ve watched all five seasons of Gossip Girl, I was devastated when Lauren Conrad (L.C.) left The Hills and while we’re on the topic of L.C. I might add I’ve read her book series L.A. Candy. I didn’t know they were for teenagers when I ordered them, I swear!

When I heard the news of Katie Holmes’ divorce I immediately downloaded an episode of Dawson’s Creek so I could relive the magic that was Joey (and a pre-couch jumping affected Holmes).

I’m also willing to admit yesterday in Officeworks I was tempted to buy a selection of novelty erasers and I’ve never quite got over those multi-coloured ink pens that smell like Hubba Bubba. So that would mean I’m 32 going on, what… eight?

I know at some point my behaviour will tip over to tragic (go on, say it: I’m already there), it’ll most likely be in a few years when I start to become an embarrassment to my daughter. But in the meantime I’m going to suck up as much of my ‘youth’ as I have left. And besides I’m still cool, right, right?

If your hand is still up (wow, you have strong arms) you’re going to love this video, One Direction’s Song for Grown Up Teenage Girls, published on iVillage. Click here to watch it.

C’mon divulge, what do you do that is age inappropriate?  

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