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The top 6 marriage regrets


I don’t know anyone who goes to confession at church any more. Why would they? Besides it being a bit creepy, these days, you can confess ON THE INTERNET.

Whether you want to get something off your chest, or the voyeur in you needs a virtual window to peep through to make you feel more virtuous, there’s something for everyone.

Married women are particularly well catered for at where there’s a whole section dedicated to the regrets of married women.

Have a look six of the juiciest, I mean, most moving:


Thanks to Secret Regrets for these secrets. To have a read of the rest of the posted secrets, click here.

This is where writing a post like this gets awkward. Normally I’d share something – just to get the comments rolling. Problem is, I’m not writing this piece anonymously – so I might sneak mine into the comments.

What are your secret marriage regrets? 

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