Back to school: Instead of signing up for canteen duty this year, why not try this?

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So the kids have finally gone back to school and by now, class has well and truly settled in.

The stationery has been secured, the uniforms labelled and the books covered in contact (and probably never to be spoken about EVER again). The children are settled into their new routine for another year, no longer over excited that one of their best friends forever is in their class and that they have their pen licence.

In fact, it’s around about now that you start to resent the long trip into school in horrendous traffic to drop your child not more than a kilometre from your front door. It is also around now that innovative school lunch ideas are already becoming thin on the ground. It’s fair to say you are starting to fondly fantasise about the recent school holidays with no agenda and zero homework.

It’s not just school that starts back up though is it? It’s the after school activities as well. The drama class, the soccer, karate, gymnastics, French – it’s all back in full swing and if you aren’t  prepared for the onslaught of this logistical nightmare, heaven help you.

Maybe, like me, this is the year you’ve put your hand up for canteen duty. I’ve avoided this, my word have I avoided this, but with a day off each month from work this year, I have promised my youngest son I’d be there. He is ecstatic. More so because in his tiny mind he thinks this equals endless free chocolate muffins. He’s probably right.

The other added obstacle with going back to school I find is remembering to remember everything. What day is sports uniform day? Library day? Show and tell? In the haste and craziness of it all, simple things like remembering to return excursion consent forms or school banking can simply be overlooked and forgotten.

Speaking of school banking, if your school doesn’t currently engage with a School Banking program, then perhaps ask them to sign up to one? My greatest joy as a kid was to take in my bankbook and my $2 per week. You’d be amazed how kids get a kick out of this and start learning to save in the process.

Commonwealth Bank runs a fantastic School Banking program which is pivotal in teaching kids the value of saving and managing your money. You could even volunteer as a School Banking Co-ordinator!

Watch out for an exciting new Commonwealth Bank School Banking competition coming in Term 2. For more information on starting a school banking program check out their website.

And remember, there’s only 8 more weeks until the next round of school holidays!

As Australia’s leading financial institution, the Commonwealth Bank is committed to helping young Australians develop strong money management skills and form

sensible saving habits that can last a lifetime. Along with a range of savings accounts, including one designed especially for under-18s, and their well-established School Banking program, they offer a diverse range of initiatives designed to promote financial literacy. For more information visit their site.

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Does your child take part in a school banking program?