Commando's ex-partner: Michelle Bridges stole my husband.

1. Commando’s ex-partner: ‘Michelle Bridges stole my husband’.

The former partner of The Biggest Loser trainer Steve Willis aka ‘Commando’, has revealed that Willis has been having an affair with his co-star, Michelle Bridges.

Froso (who has requested her surname not be published) revealed to Woman’s Day she learned of the affair when Willis “failed to come home after The Biggest Loser wrap party on March 19.”

Willis is the father of their two children, Ella, 5, and Jack, 19 months.

A close friend of Froso tells Woman’s Day: “They had planned a holiday and they had just purchased their dream family home. This was completely out of the blue and it’s shattered her.”

Michelle Bridges split with her husband of nine years, Bill Moore in March this year.

2.EXCLUSIVE: Mamamia readers can listen to Jamie Cullum’s new album ‘Momentum’ for free.

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4. Stephanie Rice has spoken out about being bullied as a ‘chubby’ child.

The 24-year-old Olympic swimmer and Celebrity Apprentice contestant reveals she was bullied in primary school for five years between the ages of seven to 12.

Describing herself a ‘chubby’ child Rice revealed: “I would cry every day, it was really bad.”

“I was a bit chubbier and swimming gave me something special.”

As a teenager Rice went through a phase of eating nothing but lettuce and grapes to keep her weight down.

“I definitely went through a phase, I wouldn’t call it an eating disorder but I was definitely very conscious of my weight. I’m really glad I got through that.”

5. Paris Jackson has revealed her prom date and he’s pretty scary looking. Click and see.


6. Joh Griggs opens up about Gary Sweet.


You seen Gary Sweet play devoted father of three, Lewis Crabbe on Channel Nine’s House Husbands but ex-wife Johanna Griggs reveals their two sons,  Jesse James, 17, and Joe Buster, 16, have largely grown up without his presence.

Breaking her silence after 14 years, the House Rules host told The Herald Sun: “He’s in Melbourne. But even when he lived in Sydney he didn’t [see them much].”

“It’s always been like that, so I don’t think they’re suffering any great angst. When they do see Gary they have a great time. He’s the fun bags.”

The pair were married for four years between 1995–1999.

7. Allure magazine has come under fire for using Zoe Saldana’s (low) weight as a coverline. Read about the anorexia controversy here.

8. **SPOILER ALERT: House Husbands**

Did you watch last night’s emotional episode of House Husbands?


Got it recorded to watch later?

Well, avert your eyes (skip down to the Billboard frocks gallery) as we’re about to talk about which cast member was killed off on the show.

If you did watch it, chances are you had a lump in your throat and the tissues on standby as Nicola‘s character played by Leah de Niese was hit and killed by a car when stopping to look at an old washing machine on the side of the road.

Channel Nine had promoted the episode as the ”death of a family member” which beat out rival show, A Place Called Home averaging 1.181 million and 1.181 million viewers respectively.

Firass Dirani has spoken about the tragedy that “changes everything.”
“It’s shocking, it reverberates and resonates throughout every household because Gemma and Abbie were with Nicola at the time of the accident,” Dirani said.
The moving episode concluded with Justin’s three friends, Lewis, Mark and Kane arriving at his house to tell him of his wife’s death.

9. Guess which star has joined Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway’s commando club after being snapped without knickers at the Cannes Film Festival. Click to find out.

10. Frockwatch: 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

As expected there was lots of flesh, sequins and interesting fashion choices on the blue carpet at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Madonna rocked (are you shocked?) a pair hotpants with fishnet suspenders, Miley Cyrus came dressed as a sparkly chessboard and Kesha- well, she forgot her pants.