STYLE: Look out for this colour at the shops this weekend.


In today’s fashion news, we’re suggesting you to try or buy something that may actually already be in your wardrobe.

Cobalt blue.

Yep! It’s a colour that suits. Well. It suits just about everybody; from the yellow skinned, four fingered Marge Simpson to Sonic the Hedgehog – and it’s not everyday that a spiky animal looks fashionable.

There is something really refreshing about a fashion trend that actually looks good on most of the population. It feels like when you spend a weekend at the shops these days, you get bombarded with the most unflattering shades and cuts that designers could come up with.

But cobalt blue can be a shared BFF for us all.

Check out the gallery below for 20 ways to wear this trend at the office, out to dinner, running errands… and on the red carpet.

A blue pair of pants for the brave. A statement necklace. A blue blazer for 9 to 5. The list goes on.

My favourite? A pair of blue pants I’ve had sitting in my cupboard since forever. Now I have an excuse to wear them.

The only rule? Keep the shade a rich, bold blue. We’re feeling confident about this one.

What is the easiest fashion trend to try at the moment? Are you wearing cobalt blue this season?  

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