Wednesday's news in just two minutes.

A Brisbane woman has claimed she was physically assaulted by South Sydney player Ben Te’o. In an interview with Channel 9 (which will air tonight) the woman alleges the assault happened on April 19 in the presence of former Brisbane Broncos player Corey Norman and Newcastle player Darius Boyd last. These images are being of the woman – who hasn’t been named – have been circulated by Channel 9 in advertisements today.
In a statement, Te’o has denied the allegations.  “I am able to refute entirely any suggestion that I acted improperly.

Ben Te’o

“On the night in question, I found myself in unfortunate circumstances that were not caused by me and I acted appropriately to deal with a difficult situation.

“I called the police to report the incident and have the female removed from the house.”

“I have not pressed charges against the female and to the best of my knowledge no charges have been laid against me.

“I don’t wish to go into any further detail about this matter because I regard the incident as unfortunate and something I wish to leave behind me.”

1. At least 24 people – including 9 children – have died after a 1.6 metre wide tornado ripped through areas of Oklahoma yesterday. There have been reports of entire neighbourhoods completely disappearing. Rescuers are continuing their search for survivors.2. A new study has found that babies have an increased risk of SIDS if they co-sleep with their parents. The study, which was published in the British Medical Journal, focused on 1472 babies who died from cot death and another 4679 babies as controls.

The researchers found that babies had a five-fold increase of SIDS when they shared a bed. They found that almost 88 per cent of SIDS deaths could have been avoided by not co-sleeping.

3. A hairdresser in Victoria has reportedly refused to serve a customer who was breastfeeding her baby. Cassie Hanlin said she was at the Eltham hairdresser and started breastfeeding her five-month-old daughter underneath her gown, when a junior hairdresser took over her haircut.

“The original hairdresser then came up to me to explain that whilst I was breastfeeding she couldn’t cut my hair,” Ms Hanlin said. The owner of the salon has defended the employee’s ‘choice’ to stop cutting Ms Hanlin’s hair.

4. Meanwhile, a lesbian couple refused to stay at a Bed and Breakfast in New Zealand after they were told they could only stay if they took a room with two single beds. Despite receiving death threats since the news story broke, the owners of the B&B stand by their decision. They said:”It’s our home – it’s not a motel.”

5. Did we mention it was 2013?

6. In the wake of Kevin Rudd’s declaration of support for gay marriage, the Australian Christian Lobby’s managing director Lyle Shelton has compared children of same-sex parents to the stolen generation.

Shelden said yesterday: “What Mr Rudd has not considered is whether or not it is right for children to be taken through technology from their biological parent so that ‘married’ same-sex couples can fulfill their desires.” Finance Minister Penny Wong – who is in a same-sex relationship and has a child – said that view has “no place in modern Australia”.

7. The fifth version of the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders has been released – and there have been concerns that the ‘bible’ mislabels normal human emotions as mental illness. According to a Lateline report, “grief when a loved one dies or children’s temper tantrums” are listed in the manual as mental illnesses.

8. A baby rhino has been born at the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. The zoo has released this image of the male rhino, who is yet to be named.