News reporter doing story on marijuana accidentally gets high on air.

You may have heard that a little thing called marijuana just became legal in some US states. And being the diligent reporter that she is, Randi Kaye from CNN spent the day in Colorado investigating how the legalisation of pot was affecting the town.

Trouble is, the report ended up being more about how the legalisation of pot was affecting her, because Randi Kaye got high. Really high. And then went on air and reported a segment about the affects of being high. While high.


Anderson Cooper, the news anchor back at the New York studio, thought the whole thing was hilarious. “How extensive was your research?” he asked.

She insisted that she just had a ‘contact high’ after riding in a smoke-filled limo with a bunch of ‘ganjaprenuers’.

“I think you need to come back to the east coast,” Anderson said.


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