The reason behind Christina Aguilera's baby name choice.

Before you judge her daughter’s name, read this.

Summer Rain.

It’s kind of cute – in a quirky way, but definitely will never be on the top list of baby names for any year ever (unless we turn in to a world of hippies and dancing fairies).

No offense to Christina Aguilera, but let’s be honest, her baby name choice was a little out of left field.

But before we judge yet another celebrity for naming their child after a natural element let’s give Christina the floor because she has explained her decision to call her baby Summer Rain.

Li'l Diva, Summer Rain.

Apparently the pop star had initially been thinking of going with a more traditional name, until she set eyes on her new baby. After she gave birth Christina wanted to pick something different, something unique.

“Summer is a time of spreading warmth and light,” she told People. “While rain washes away [it] replenishes and brings new life to allow growth and new beginnings.”

It was a name that The Voice coach and her husband, Matt Rutler thought captured their daughter's spirit perfectly.

The picture of her bub.

Christina told People that she wanted a name that was "filled with inspiration, love and joy." Because that is what her 6-month-old daughter gives to everyone she meets.

Good explanation, Xtina.

What do you think of extremely unique names?

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