FLUFF: Christina Aguilera accidentally reveals the sex of her second baby.

Christina Aguilera and her fiance Matthew Rutler are expecting a baby (she’s a genie in a bottle, he rubbed her the right way). And we just found out it’s going to be…


Yep, the 33-year-old Beautiful singer just revealed the gender of her baby during a concert in Malaysia. We don’t have footage of the exact moment she let slip that she was giving birth to a daughter, but it’s been reported around the world that it seemed like just got carried away in the moment on-stage and shared the happy news with her Malaysian fans.

This is what she said, according to concert-going witnesses: “It’s fun, I’m having another little one. This is her first show, you guys are her first show!”

Shortly after she posted this pic on Instagram.

Christina – AKA X-Tina – announced her engagement to Matthew Rutler on Valentine’s Day of this year. The couple met on the set of Burlesque (the movie Christina did with age-defying living legend Cher) in 2010 and they’ve been together since.

Of course, as is the custom for mega famous people, Christina told the world about her engagement via Instagram. With this beautiful tropical photo…

Christina and Matthew’s baby girl will be Christina’s second child.

She’s already a mother to little 6-year-old boy Max, who she had with ex-husband Jordan Bratman. Little Max (full name Max Liron Bratman) is going to be a big brother.

Speaking of little Max, he completely stole the limelight in Christina’s video clip for the single Let There Be Love. Skip to about 30 seconds in to see this little guy grooving out…

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