Chrissie Swan has found a way to make Carbonara without the cream. We're listening...

We can appreciate Chrissie Swan for plenty of things. She is incredibly funny, tells life in all its honest glory, and we adore hearing her on our radios.

But, there is something you probably don’t know about Chrissie. She is quite the home cooking whiz, passing on her knowledge to her Instagram followers.

While you might not be expecting her on MasterChef anytime soon (she has plenty of other things going on), she is helping out parents across Australia to make easy and realistic meals.

And, no, not those meals that say they will take 15 minutes and really having you labouring for over an hour, but genuinely achievable meals the whole family loves.

Let us show you.

Example A: Carbonara

On Sunday, the mother to three whipped up this pasta using a handful of leftover eggs, instead of cream.

What started as this:

Ended up as this scrumptious looking lunchtime meal:

Can we make an order for this, please? 

Luckily, Chrissie also provides a detailed explanation of how she whipped it all up.

"Fry up some bacon, turn heat off then pop 2 sliced garlic cloves in so they don't cook, they just give off that garlicky flavour," she posted on Instagram.

"Cook some pasta (today I used up dribs and drabs of 3 packets - farfalle, macaroni and something else I forget. Added up to about 300gms dry).


"Mix 4 egg yolks with 40gms grated Parmesan. Then stir your hot pasta through your bacon OFF HEAT with a tiny bit of the pasta water (not essential but makes it kinda glossy) and gently mix in the egg yolks and Parmesan.

"The heat of the pasta will cook the egg without scrambling it. You can make it a lot cheesier if you like with more Parmesan. Cracked pepper.

"Done. And no cream! You won't ever use it again after this... Omit bacon for a really great mac and cheese."


Example B: Georgette, The Chicken

Firstly, you should know why this recipe is called Georgette. Chrissie likes to name all the chickens she cooks before she does in respect to the animal. On the night of cooking, Boy George was playing in Melbourne so the name only made sense.

It ended up looking DELICIOUS!

As Chrissie says, it is all made up of the ingredients she had let over in her home. Nothing fancy, just real.

We aren't the only ones who are loving her simple recipes, but her fans regularly use them to get through the week.

"Just put this meal in the oven for my fussy eaters. Love a one pot wonder," one user wrote.

With another hoping there're more recipes to come from Chrissie.

"I think I need a Chrissie Swan cookbook in my life."

Scroll through for more of her delectable meals!

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