FLUFF: Chris Hemsworth names his baby twins.

Extremely handsome man Chris Hemsworth and his extremely beautiful wife Elsa Pataky have just welcomed baby twins into the world.

And to the world’s surprise, their names are extremely normal.

Chris, 30, and Elsa, 37, named their two baby boys Tristan and Sasha. And as is the custom with celebrity births, the name-choice was announced via Instagram. Accompanied by an adorable picture of their teeny-tiny feet.

“You are home! Tristan and Sasha came to this world on (Tuesday) March 18 just after (the) full moon. Complete happiness,” Elsa wrote on her Instagram next to these little tootsies.

The Hemsworth-Pataky household is already home to one lovely daughter, 22-month-old India Rose. Both actors have spoken out about how becoming parents gave them joy and changed them for the better, which is pretty sweet.

“It makes it harder and harder to leave and go to work,” Chris told PEOPLE last year. “Being a father is certainly a task, but the best one that I could ever ask for.”

Welcome to the world, baby Hemsworths.

Boy, do we love a celebrity baby…

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