Dangers of Thermomix revealed as Choice claims the appliance caused 87 burns cases.

Helen Kerry was pureeing vegetables when her Thermomix exploded.

It drenched her chest in 100 degree liquid and made everyday necessities, like breastfeeding her child, an excruciating experience, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Kerry is just one of 87.

Consumer watchdog group Choice is launching Australia’s first mass incident report into the dangers and poor experiences of Thermomix customers.

There are 87 customers involved, with 18 of those believed to have suffered injuries so extreme they had to seek medical treatment.

Kerry revealed what had happened in the moments leading to the incident.

“I was slowly turning the dial, to puree the vegetables and the cup at the top flew off and just drenched me and the kitchen in this 100 degree liquid,” she said.

Kerry also told of how despite her regular trips to the Fiona Stanley Hospital burns unit, breastfeeding her two-and-a-half month daughter became a horrific experience.

“As soon as her head touched the area, it was just excruciating… I just couldn’t bear it,” she said.

The report will be submitted to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in hopes the regulator will issue a public safety warning and investigate the luxury device.

The calls for investigation come after a year of poor press for the company.

Perth mother Danika Jones spoke out in March after she suffered second-degree burns to her chest, arms and stomach.

Jones had been cooking pasta sauce for her family when her device malfunctioned.

“I walked over to turn it off and as I did that, it just exploded – the lid blew off and hot liquid went everywhere, all over me. The pain was intense,” she said.


Jones had the Thermomix TM31, a model that was recalled in 2014 and placed on the official Product Safety Recalls Australia page with this explanation:

“In rare circumstances, the potential product defect could lead to a scald or burn for the user if liquid or food splashes out of the mixing bowl.”

Jones had replaced her sealing ring after receiving the recall notice but was unable to avoid the danger of her device.

Under the ACCC’s reporting guidelines, suppliers like Thermomix are forced to provide written notice to the Government within two days of learning a customer has suffered serious damage from a product.

The ACCC told the ABC it is currently engaging with Thermomix to further understand the facts of each individual case.

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