'We spent thousands on our baby's unbearable eczema. Then a $10 product made it disappear.'

My daughter Charlotte had just turned one. We were driving home from a night away with friends when I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw my beautiful girl’s face covered in blood.

Within the first hour of the trip home, her eczema had flared up so badly that the itching became unbearable and her only relief was to scratch, literally tearing her skin off.

I drove straight to the hospital, tears rolling down both of our faces. She was in pain and I was in pain watching her – I’ve never felt so helpless.

We were advised by a dermatologist, from a leading children’s hospital to begin a treatment plan that was anything but simple. It consisted of three baths a day with so much bleach that we ended up having to buy bags of pool salts from a hardware store.

Now when I hear the word ‘bleach’, it reminds me of one of the hardest times in my family’s life. It immediately makes me think of the terrible itching and red sore skin caused by Charlotte’s dreadful battle with eczema.

eczema cure
Rebecca's daughter Charlotte in hospital. Image: Supplied.

The next step was to cover Charlotte head to toe in oils and steroid creams, before wrapping her in layers of medical dressings. This was our life three times a day, seven days a week for over a month.

During this time, I became terrified of taking Charlotte out with me as I was so worried about what people would think. I was worried about whether they would judge me or think I was in some way responsible and label me a terrible mother. It was really quite debilitating.

Unfortunately, my daughter’s not the only one in the family who suffers from bad eczema. My husband Dion battled it as a child and to this day, still has terrible dry skin and eczema flare ups.

One of our worst memories is from a time we had to take Charlotte to the hospital and my husband felt so incredibly guilty. He felt like it was all his fault that his little girl was in so much pain. He thought he had somehow given her his bad skin and just kept apologising.


From this time on I began to accept that like Dion, Charlotte would always suffer from bad skin and. So I began to explore what our options would be to help her. We would spend $150 a month on steroid creams alone, plus hundreds more on other skincare products and organic clothing.

eczema cure
Charlotte in hospital. Image: Supplied.

In that year alone, we visited the GP 24 times just to get scripts filled until eventually we were given an authority script. We also spent countless hours making sure her room was at the perfect temperate and even lay with her to hold her arms so she couldn’t scratch and hurt herself while she was asleep. It was a relentless process.

Over the last three years, I think I’ve tried everything and anything I could get my hands on and honestly, I’d pretty much given up hope. Then a couple of months ago, a colleague gave me a box filled with Childs Farm products. There was body washes, bubbles and a moisturiser, the box itself smelt delicious.

I had heard a bit about the brand online but knew they were from the UK and didn’t think I could get it here in Australia. When I opened up the packaging, I was sceptical. Most of the time I can’t use products like that on Charlotte as they're just too strong for her skin.

However, I noticed that these products were approved by dermatologists for use on all skin types and safe for people who may be prone to eczema. But I’ll admit, given our experiences, I was doubtful as I’d really been disappointed in the past.

eczema cure
Rebecca and her family. Image: Supplied.

Yet after doing my research and seeing how the moisturiser had helped other littles ones with skin like Charlotte’s, I decided to give them a go. I even took the bold decision to stop using her steroid cream to really put the products to the test.

Within the first few days of using the cream twice a day, Charlotte's skin cleared up massively. The patches of eczema, redness and itchiness disappeared.

We’ve been using the products for about six weeks now and I can honestly say we haven’t had a flare up since. Not only has the colour and glow come back to her skin but we haven’t had to touch the steroid cream since. It’s incredible. I’ve even started getting Dion to use it too.

In addition to the amazing results on her skin, there’s been another awesome outcome – Charlotte’s been able to enjoy her first ever bubble bath. For any mum with a little one suffering a skin condition, you’ll understand this is a huge win.

Compared to the money we were spending to manage Charlotte's eczema before, another great benefit is the products are super affordable, starting at just $10.

I can’t tell you how relieved and happy I am to see Charlotte finally happy in her own skin, and enjoying the things she couldn’t before. I’ve now made it my mission to help as many parents and skin condition suffers as I can, by telling them about my fantastic experience and why they have to try these products out themselves.

You can now purchase Childs Farm products on their website or at BIG W online and in-store.

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