Tragic: Children hit by car on their last day of school.

children hit by car
Image via Channel 7.

This is not the kind of news we’d like to be bringing you just a week before Christmas.

A six-year-old boy has lost his life after being hit by a car outside a school in the Sydney suburb of  Carlingford.

The boy, who was on holiday from Malaysia, was walking with his mother and two cousins (aged four and five) to the gates of Carlingford Public School just after 9am this morning.

It was previously reported that it was a five-year-old girl who had died.

According to news reports, the boy’s mother and cousins were taken to Westmead Hospital.

The 46-year-old woman who was driving the car has also been taken to hospital, suffering shock. News Ltd are reporting that the mother was a parent at the school, who had just completed the school run in her SUV.

It’s believed the group were hit by a car at around 9:30am as they were crossing the Rickard Street outside a child care centre, which neighbours the school.