The most emotional reunion video ever.


This video freaks me out as much as it makes my heart burst with happiness.

You see, there’s ONE golden rule of parenting. And it’s not about how love is enough. Or the importance of routines. Or how this too shall pass. Or the fact that once you become a parent you develop this weird habit of referring to yourself in the third person (Mummy needs to wee!). Nope. It’s this: Never ever give your child a comfort toy that cannot be easily replaced.

I’m not entirely sure that’s sinking in to the non-parents reading this post so let me repeat it with a bit of bold and leaning on the caps lock key: NEVER EVER give your child a comfort toy that cannot be easily replaced. Are you with me? Are you listening?

Just trust me as I learned this lesson the hard way.

Ava’s bunny … talk about smug.

When I had my daughter Ava, a friend returned from France with a soft, squishy adorable brown bunny for her. And instead of saying, “Merci friend. But I’m going to stick this obscure French bunny that is clearly one-of-a-kind at the back of the cupboard and re-gift it the moment you leave the room”…I said, “Yay! This bunny will be the prefect cuddle toy for Ava!!!”

This is because I am le stupide.

Four years later my daughter cannot sleep without that damn bunny. He’s her friend, her confident, and her comforter. In turn, that bunny has become a smug bastard.  I swear he knows we cannot live without him. That our very existence hinges on his presence. He’s a bit like Simon Cowell on X Factor.

After a few close calls, (me screaming: “WE HAVEN’T GOT BUNNY!”  in a variety of cafes, taxis and airport lounges across the country) I have been on a global hunt for a replacement bunny. Let me just say that trying to use French Google at 1am is about as fun as sitting through your obnoxious sister-in-law’s law graduation.

Anyway, this post isn’t about me.  It’s about Ah-ah the blue monkey. Watch. Laugh. Cry. But just remember, this is a cautionary tale. You have been warned …

Did you or does your child have a special toy? Any close calls or disasters?

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