20 super-simple ways to be kind to your kids.

It’s the little things that matter to kids. And writer Alissa Marquess has made a list of the ones that matter the most.

I was in one of those exhausting phases of parenting where days were going by in a blur and I went to bed feeling defeated and guilty.

So when I wrote these reminders, it was to help me get through the day. And when I consciously decided to find ways to be kind to my kids, I found I was catching myself more often before I sighed impatiently at them.  I started finding more times to make kind eye contact, or smile.

It’s not complex or fancy.  It is a reminder to myself of the simple ways I can connect with and be there for my children.

And it’s not that I don’t want to be kind to my kids all the time, but keeping some of these ideas in mind made a real difference.

These are just little shifts, but they all add up.

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