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Cheat sheet: Thursday's news in 60 seconds.

Your speedy update on all the day’s stories, Thursday, June 19 2014

1. “Mummy blogger” charged over son’s death.

A  blogger in the US who allegedly poisoned her son with salt has been charged over his death, and may face up to 25 years in prison.

Lacey Spears blogged about her son’s battle with illness for years. His death, however, promoted an investigation.

Police allege that single mum Spears poisoned her 5 year-old boy, Garnett, with sodium using a feeding tube into his stomach. There is no clear evidence as to why Garnett had a feeding tube, but what is known is that Spears wrote about it extensively. Spears told friends that Garnett had “failure to thrive” — a catch-all term for children who don’t eat enough and had a feeding tube inserted as a baby. Garnett was airlifted to hospital on January 19 and was put on life support. Tragically, he died on January 23. Doctors were surprised by the unusually high level of sodium in Garnett’s system.

She was indicted on charges of depraved murder and manslaughter. Her lawyer has told FoxNews, “Lacey is completely devastated by the loss of her son and absolutely denies harming her son in any way.” 

The blog, “Garnett the Great,” was started by Lacey just after Garnett was born.

2. Coles guilty over “fresh” bread claims.

The ACCC has won a case against Coles over the supermarket’s claims about its baked bread.

The consumer watchdog launched proceedings against Coles last year, saying they were misleading consumers into thinking bread was made on the day in-store when, in some cases, the bread had been partially baked months earlier in factories in Ireland, Denmark and Germany.

Federal Court chief justice James Allsop said Coles had breached three sections of Australian Consumer Law, in his ruling, handed down on Wednesday.

Coles could face fines of up to $1.1 million for each breach.


3. Australian males are using more skincare, make-up and grooming products.

According to Priceline Pharmacy, more Australian men are hitting the makeup and skincare aisles.

“Men too suffer from blemishes, age spots and under-eye dark circles (from those big nights out with the boys) and it is now clearer to them that a good grooming regime can help them treat their skincare issues,” Senior Skincare Buyer at Priceline, Tania Yates-Hammond, told

The most popular products for men are eye cream, serum, primer and anti-aging gel. While BB cream and face powder are on the makeup must-have list. And eyeliner is also on the list, according to Priceline.

4. Michael Schumacher's condition.

There are reports that Formula One driver Michael Schumacher has opened his eyes and is nodding as he was transferred to a Swiss rehab facility.

The Swiss newspaper Blick reports that he nodded and communicated with staff during his 120 miles journey from Grenoble Hospital to University Hospital Lausanne on Monday morning.

5. Baden-Clay claims scratches on his chest were self-inflicted.

Gerard Baden-Clay is accused of murdering his wife Allison, also 43, on April 19, 2012. He has pleaded not guilty.

Today, the Brisbane Times has reported:

  • Three forensic medical experts ruled that scratches on Baden-Clay's face were characteristic of fingernail scratches but couldn't rule out the cause as a razor blade.
  • Sue Heath, a close friend of Queensland state MP Dr Bruce Flegg, said Baden-Clay had asked to borrow $300,000 from the politician in early 2012. He said if he didn't get the money he would go "broke or bankrupt".
  • Sergeant Denny found that Allison's body was "below the bridge and not to the side of the bridge". Denny added that her body was to the left of one of the bridge pillars. 
  • Allison's psychiatrist, Tom George, told the jury that Allison saw him for  panic and anxiety attacks and depression since 2003. In June 2009 Mr and Mrs Baden-Clay saw Dr George together due to "difficulties in the marriage". More recently George said Allison told him she and her husband were "living under the same roof, but living separate lives". George also said Allison had an "extreme attachment" to her 3 children.

6. THE goal of the World Cup 2014 kicked by an Aussie.

The world has gone crazy for a goal kicked by Socceroo's Tim Cahill. Cahill kicked the amazing goal in the match against the Netherlands. The ball came off his weaker foot, the left, and bounced off the bottom of the crossbar.

Not only has it been seen as the goal of the tournament, but one of the greatest in soccer World Cup history.

Click the video below to watch the amazing goal.

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