Charlotte Tilbury is finally in Australia. These are the 5 products worth the hype.

In what felt like the longest wait in history, Charlotte Tilbury products are finally available for purchase at an Aussie retailer. 

Prior to this week, the only way you could get your mitts on the UK makeup artist’s wares were through their website, which made things all that more annoying and complicated.

But as of Tuesday this week Charlotte Tilbury is now available in Mecca Beauty in Australia and New Zealand. 

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For those of us in lockdown that means we still have to shop online for a little while longer, but everyone else can head into store and stick their fingers in the pots and pans and have a good old play IRL! 

...Just please use hand sanitiser before and after, okay?

Wanna know what to buy? I thought you'd never ask! Here’s my fave picks from Ms Tilbury.

Lip Cheat Lipliner in Pillow Talk, $35.

Image: Mecca.


I rarely wear lipstick but when I’m going somewhere fancy I always do lip liner paired with my lip gloss.

It makes lips look fuller and more ‘done’ than gloss alone. This formula is creamy, blends like a dream and looks like your own lips, just that little bit sexier.

Collagen Lip Bath, $48.

Image: Mecca.

The best Charlotte gloss there is. 

I mean, just look at the name! If it doesn't make you want to immediately swipe it on your lips, I’m not sure what will. 

Marine collagen helps to instantly hydrate, plus it is peppermint which makes things feel fresh and fun.

SuperNudes Liner Duo, $42.

Image: Mecca.


Rarely do I go a day without a flesh coloured liner on my lower water line to erase the tired redness thanks to my toddler. 

I also love a lick of black liner on my top lash line. So, you guessed it - this dual ended black and flesh liner is pretty much two of my dream products in one. Both so creamy and blendable. Delicious.

Hollywood Flawless Filter, $65.

Image: Mecca.

My You Beauty co-host Ms Kelly McCarren actually got me onto this goodie. It's hard to describe - sorta like a really lightweight glowy foundation...or a really subtle face highlighter….or like a lightbulb in a bottle. You can use it in all sorts of ways and it’ll take you to Glow Town in 10 seconds flat.

Magic Aura Serum, $110.

Image: Mecca.


She’s the queen of glow after all, so again this light-reflecting serum will give your face serious radiance. It’s got legit anti-ageing properties too, with skin feeling firmer, tighter and more hydrated with continued use. There’s a smaller travel bottle for $45 if you want to give it a whirl before committing to the bigger bottle.

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury in the past? What do you love, or what do you have your eye on?

Feature Image: Mamamia

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