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Charlotte Dawson's ex-husband vows to save others from a similar fate.

Scott Miller, 39, has said he is determined to remain drug free after receiving the shocking news that his ex-wife, Charlotte Dawson, 47, took her own life last week.

Just hours after Dawson’s body was found in her Sydney apartment, Miller was checked into a Melbourne rehabilitation centre for drug abuse.

Charlotte Dawson and Scott Miller on their wedding day

Scott Miller's mother, Jenny Miller has told the media that her son vows to stay clean after his upcoming six months in rehab for a methamphetamine addiction.

“I don't think this [Charlotte's death] will push him back into drugs,” Ms Miller told The Australian yesterday. “He said, ‘this is showing me how many people that are out there that need help, now I'm going to channel my energies into helping others’,’’  she said.

Miller's sister,  Nicole Perko, has told The Australian that the whole family is still in shock.

“[Charlotte] had not moved on from the relationship. It was only in the last two weeks I realised she hadn’t. She said she would only ever marry once,” Perko said.

"I keep looking back at her text messages trying to see something in them, I just did not pick up on it," she said.

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