WATCH: Channing Tatum shows off 7 dance moves in 30 seconds.

No surprises there.

It’s no secret Channing Tatum can dance – his moves in the 2012 film Magic Mike made millions of sexually frustrated women leave the cinema wanting to break up with their boyfriends. No? Only me? Awkward…

But as part of his recent Vanity Fair cover, the team at Vanity Fair asked him to perform seven dance moves in 30 seconds.

Did he nail it? Oh, yeah. And the best move was, of course, his attempt at vogue-ing.

Let’s just say he made Madonna look like a bloody amateur.

Watch the video below to see Channing nail his dance move challenge. And then, because this has definitely made you feel things for Channing, take the rest of the day off to re-watch Magic Mike in preparation for the sequel, which comes out next week. You deserve it.

Video via Conde Nast

We’re only a little bit sad this one didn’t make it in. Maybe it’ll be in the movie.

Speaking of dancing, here are all the abs men of Magic Mike.

Will you be watching Magic Mike XXL? 

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