Bumper Gossip: Selfies with the stars.

It’s that time of the week again. Time to get your snap on with your favourite celebrities.

It’s hard being a celebrity. No really, it is. What with all that getting ready for flashy red carpet events, cuddling your ridiculously good looking children and hanging around on the beach.

It’s a wonder there’s any time left in their day to down a green smoothie, get an overpriced blow-dry or snap a selfie. But they manage.

Summer sun was on the top of the agenda this week, with Anna Henreich and Tim Robards deciding to get their beach on.

Food came next as our celebs were clearly hit by a case of the munchies. Erin McNaught tucked into a sanga during her visit to Australia, Rickie Lee destroyed a bowl of pasta and Alessandra Ambrosio proved she, OH MY GOD, ate a doughnut.

There were also baby photos aplenty, with Sonia Kruger celebrating the arrival of baby Maggie this week and Jodi Anasta dressing to match her daughter.

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