The most ridiculous celebrity fitness selfie of all time.

Look at this photo. JUST LOOK.

Oh yes, that is exactly what you think it is. Victoria Beckham, complete with scary-high heels and ubër pout, working away at her computer. While also walking on a treadmill.

My reactions to this photo were as follows:

– “What? WHAT? How is she walking and working at the same time? Is she really even concentrating on her work? Because for normal people, concentrating on work properly + walking on treadmill = giant, giant, Youtube-worthy faceplant into treadmill.”

– “I suppose Victoria Beckham isn’t really normal people, so this makes sense. Case in point, she is wearing what looks like 9-inch heeled boots in that photo. While walking. On the treadmill.”

– “You really shouldn’t mix exercise and heels, come to think of it. Foot problems, and all that. But as if VB would be caught dead mixing fashionable corporate gear with runners.”

– “Is that even her house? It must be. VB already has the world’s hottest husband and the world’s cutest daughter and the world’s best fashion line to ever be released by a celebrity, so why wouldn’t she have the world’s most intriguing invention?”

– *actually reads Twitter caption* “Oh, no, she’s just gone visiting the Conde Nast London office. Well, I forgive her for not having runners on hand. Wait – what kind of office is now introducing treadmill desks? Is my office going to introduce treadmill desks? Faceplants, here I come.”

Within about 10 minutes of VB’s fitness picture hitting Twitter, I already had quite a few messages from friends and colleagues. Most of them were obsessing over the heels-on-treadmill thing, but others were commenting on the potential brilliance of having a treadmill incorporated into your desk.


And you know what? If you have the multitasking power to focus on both, simultaneously, it is a pretty good idea. Anything that gets you moving more during the day is a good idea. We’re spending more and more hours at our desks as our jobs get harder and more demanding, and it’s making us more sedentary; therefore, more prone to unhealthiness.

If you’re loving the idea of being more active during your working office day, but have no idea how to go about convincing HR to buy you all a treadmill desk, here are some non-treadmill-desk ideas that might work for you…

1. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour. Maybe a silent alarm, so as not to annoy anyone.

“Set an alarm to go off every hour… and kick your butt into gear.”

When that alarm goes off, kick your butt into gear and get up to move around a little bit, even if you’re just grabbing another glass of water. Even just have a little stretch – anything to wake your muscles and your body up.

2. Try for a standing desk, or swap your chair for an exercise ball. Both are better for your back, plus an exercise ball will work your balance and your abs while you’re busy typing away.

3. See how you can change up your getting-to-work or getting-home routine to incorporate more exercise. When I don’t have anything on after work, I bring a backpack to the office with my workout gear and run the 8km to home instead of taking the bus.

4. Take advantage of your lunch break to get some activity in. Even if you bring your lunch, go for a walk anyway.

What do you think about VB’s treadmill desk? How do you stay fit at work?