Famous men who were smoking hot back in the day.

Okay, it’s time to blow your mind. Without cheating, try to guess who this (now 66-year-old) rocker is.

THAT RIGHT THERE is a young Ozzy Osbourne. I know, right? Told you your mind would be blown.

Who knew he used to be so smoking hot? Not me, that's for sure. And I'd have to dive deep into my imagination to even try and marry the way Ozzy looks today and this fine man.

I don't expect Ozzy, or any other celebrity, to maintain eternal youth, but there are definitely some men - hell, even some politicians - who will blow your hair back when you see what they looked like as young men. When you look at them now, it's hard to believe they were actually MASSIVE SPUNKS back in their day.

Warning: be careful as you scroll. You will have very mixed feelings about some of these men. Especially the politicians...

 Ozzy Osbourne

Paul Keating

Jack Nicholson

I can handle the truth.

Bob Katter

No one is more disturbed by this revelation than me.

Bruce Springsteen

I'll admit, I put this one in just for me.

Clint Eastwood.

Feeling pretty lucky actually...

Christopher Walken

What a beautiful looking man.

Ricky Gervais

Beautiful man in either vintage. But LOOK at those cheekbones!

George W. Bush

Mickey Rourke

Jack Thompson

Well, he *was* Australia's first nude centrefold model.

Drew Carey

Robert De Niro

Phil Collins

A groovy kind of love indeed.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Paul Newman

Some looks are just timeless, aren't they? Anyone that you think we missed out or you disagree with?

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