Cate Blanchett calls out red carpet double standards and it's awesome.

So, The SAG Awards happened yesterday. Here are various pretty dresses:

And here is something to make you think twice about flicking through all of those pretty dresses.

In just a few seconds, Aussie actress/demigod/eventual SAG winner Cate Blanchett managed to expose what is so wrong with the whole ‘red carpet’ phenomenon. (The fun starts at around 00:30.)


Here’s that moment again, in case you missed it:

GIF via Zap2it.

No, Cate. No they do not.

Which is why, while everyone in our – admittedly more awards season crazy than most – office could tell you which designer Jennifer Lawrence wore to The Golden Globes (Dior: which, in our defence, is what she always wears), we would not be able to tell you the brand of her American Hustle co-stars, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale, respective tuxedos. (Well, maybe Nicky could. However, that is her job.)

But, Cate’s comment is about something bigger than our preoccupation with pretty dresses. It’s natural that people are going to care more about dresses in various styles and colours than they will about hundreds of homogenous black suits. But what doesn’t have to be the norm is how we view the people in those clothes.

Do blokes experience a full body pan? No. Does what a bloke is wearing have to form 90% of his interview? No.

And, that*, friends, is why Cate Blanchett is our hero of the day.

*This might have also helped: