If you only watch one viral video today, you should really make it this one.

What you are about to watch, is a triumph for digital cinema. It is why Youtube was invented. Heck, it is why the internet was invented.

But, you can never appreciate fine art at face value. So, to help you understand the intricacies of this complex cinematic construction, here is a brief synopsis:

The piece opens with a cat wearing a shark costume. We attain a sense of the inner workings of the cat’s soul through the use of close-up shots, and wobbly-cam.

The scene changes and the cat is sitting atop a Roomba (a variety of robotic vacuum cleaner.) In its vicinity is a duckling. The cat continues to ride the Roomba in pursuit of the duckling, although such an endeavour is, of course, somewhat pointless, given that the cat has no ability to steer the Roomba. Consequently, any section of the video in which it appears that the cat is successful in chasing the duckling is purely the result of the arbitrarily determined movement pattern of the Roomba coinciding with the movement pattern of the duckling (which is determined through the duck’s own agency.) From this, we can deduce that it is not the cat chasing the duckling, but rather the duckling mirroring the Roomba.

Towards the end of the piece, this (admittedly rather stagnant) plot is interrupted by a dog wearing a hammerhead costume (note: the cat is wearing a shark costume that does not lend itself to the embodiment of any particular shark breed.) The dog enters from stage right. It passively remains in the background until the film’s conclusion.

The video ends with the cat by itself once more, staring down the lens of the camera contemplating the trials it had just encountered on its Roomba riding journey.

Okay, look, it’s a Youtube clip about a cat sitting on a Roomba with a duck and a dog. But it’s hilarious.

We promise: