Cat bearding gone wrong: when cats fight back

Oh cats. You stole our hearts two weeks ago when you were adorable and let us use you for our general human amusement. Cat bearding swept through the Internet faster than Nyan Cat and soon everyone was attempting the silly pose. But then… retaliation. Here we give you the best cat bearding fails (so far!).

Are you guys watching? Good. Beacause it's my turn now.

Cat owners every where take note: This is not how you cat beard. This is how you have your face scratched off.

Beard this, buddy!

Which part of "I'm not your beard" did you not understand?

Red is the colour of love and also the colour of pure hate. Why this girl isn't running for the hills, we will never know.

"You have bearded me for the last time!"

How do you like this selfie face?

Okay. You win. Go back to the bearding thing.