A family has called the police because their cat held them hostage.

Police had to be called to a home in the USA when a 22-pound Himalayan cat went completely bat-shit crazy and trapped its owners in the bedroom.

According to local news, Lee Palmer, his girlfriend Teresa, their 9-month-old baby and a dog, were all so petrified by Lux the cat that they needed to take refuge in the bedroom.

Apparently, Lux went off the deep-end after he got in trouble for trying to scratch the baby.

And in the stuff that horror movies are made of, Lux then began charging at the bedroom door, trying to break his way in, as the family cowered inside.

Not knowing what else to do, Lee Palmer decided to call the police for help. Lux the cat can be heard screeching menacingly in the background as Palmer begs the operator for assistance.

Listen to the call here:

Upon entering the apartment, the police officers saw Lux dart into the kitchen and jump on top of the fridge, in an obvious attempt to avoid custody. They eventually managed to catch him with a dog snare and put him into a crate.

The family were then able to escape the bedroom.

After hearing the whole story, it’s hard to believe that this is the cat that caused all the fuss:

Apparently, Lux has a history of violence and the family are now deciding whether or not they want to keep him.

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