Cassandra Thorburn takes a stand for stay-at-home mothers.

Former journalist Cassandra Thorburn has responded to the opinion article that treated her as evidence in why women shouldn’t give up work after childbirth — and in the process, taken a stand for star-at-home mothers.

The piece, published on News Corp websites this week, referenced a social media post Thorburn made congratulating herself on the part she played in husband and Today Show co-host Karl Stefanovic’s success.

“Apparently Today Show finally won a year,” the mother-of-three wrote on Facebook.

“This took a huge toll on my family and I, and I’m congratulating myself today for all the effort that went into making that (the ratings) happen.”

The opinion drew off those words to use the former journalist as exhibit A in why mothers should never fully leave the workforce.


Thorburn, who in the midst of a very public split from Stefanovic, has now responded in an open letter addressed to working mums.

The response, published on PopSugar, began with acknowledging the barriers employed mothers face in current working environments.

"You're often surrounded by young co-workers who are a constant reminder that someone is biting at your heels," she wrote.

"There are deadlines to meet and pressures at work — and then you race home and your children need you also."

Thorburn went on to express her disappointment in the perpetuation of the 'us vs. them' mentality between stay-at-home mothers and their working counterparts.

"What I don't get is why, in my experience, you also feel you're in competition with us, the stay-at-home mums who made a different decision than you," she said.

"Not a better or worse decision, just the right decision for us and a different one to you."

Karl and Cassandra. (Source: Getty Images.)

The mother-of-three went on to describe how her days are filled with duties that work to benefit not just her own family but those of working mothers too.

"I help at the school canteen weekly because I know many working mums can't. I'm home, so I do it for you and for my children," she said.

"I volunteer at the uniform shop, again because I can and working mums can't."

The only personal reference the former journalist made to the author of the opinion piece was to share her disappointment in the continued trope of women tearing each other down.

"It's such a shame that the biggest critics of women seem to be other women," she said.

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The 44-year-old also pointed out how cruel it seemed to place her in the spotlight during what would be an understandably difficult time.

"The media showed no interest in this stay-at-home mum for 11 years, so kicking me now when I'm going through one of the hardest times of mine and my children's lives seems very cruel indeed," she said.

The insulting implication she had written her original post after a bottle of wine was also shrugged off.

"If you did read the article I referenced earlier, I can guarantee you I did not write the Facebook post after drinking a bottle of red, as was suggested. That was my first glass in the photo," she said.

The letter ended on the hope her daughter would not be subjected to the judgment of other women like she has been.

We can only hope so too.

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