Carrie Bradshaw’s best 25 outfits. You're welcome.

Like any important historical event of our time, we can remember exactly where we were, and what we were doing on the day of the pivotal event.

For instance, the season finale of Sex and the City.

I remember slinking out of uni lecture to get home in time to watch it. Afterwards, I felt the intangible grief that comes with the end of a six-year relationship with some of the coolest people ever fictionally created.

That was 10 years ago.

And really, there hasn’t been a show like it since. Unlike other shows like Girls, Sex and the City resonated with 99.9999*% of the female population. You were either a Carrie or a Charlotte or a Samantha (no one ever wanted to be a Miranda).

It was groundbreaking in opening the dialogue of previously taboo subjects like abortions, vibrators, funky tasting spunk and the elusive female ejaculation.

It changed the way we talked to our girlfriends. It changed the way single women were perceived. It made us sit through two average movie sequels. Heck, it even changed the way we viewed floral corsages.

Because besides Samantha’s wild romps, Charlotte’s dreamy romanticism, Miranda’s awkward sex life and lawyerly behaviour what really got our blood running was the fashion, specifically what Carrie wore.

To celebrate the milestone, we’ve tracked down 25 of Carrie’s best ever outfits. Enjoy!

And you may noticed that we completely skipped over the bird-on-the-head wedding ensemble from the first movie, because as Carrie says:

*Not a real statistic, but close enough we reckon.

What was your favourite outfit or moment from the series?

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