NICKY: Get Carrie Bickmore's look, with change from $100.

Carrie wears Lady Moor’s Lovers Gemma Redux Black Onyx Earrings



Confession: I have a major style crush on The Project host, Carrie Bickmore. There, I said it.

I’ve previously stalked searched through the tv show’s forums trying to figure out where her dresses are from because those style credits at the end of The Project are blink-and-you-miss it fast. Who’s with me?

Carrie (I can call her that right?) spoke at a media event I attended last year and she was every bit as warm in person as she comes across as on the tele.

Well, from what I can gather anyway, I was too shy to speak to her for fearing I’d have a moment of verbal diarrhoea and blurt out something along the lines of: OhmigodcarriewhatareyouwearingwheredoyoushopIloveeverythingyouweariloveyou.

The only saving grace from my celeb wardrobe confession is that I’m definitely not the only one who regularly checks in on The Project’s website for her wardrobe credits.

Insider has revealed that Carrie Bickmore and Sonia Kruger are tv’s biggest style influences, with both stars inspiring the most clothing purchases, closely followed by Melissa Doyle, Kylie Gillies and Lisa Wilkinson.

According to News Ltd: “Carrie is so popular that designers are happy to lend product for her to wear on-air. Her favourite brands include Manning Cartell, Ginger & Smart, Camilla & Marc and Alice McCall. She also wears more accessible looks from Portmans, White Suede and Unspoken.”

Bickmore’s style is equally edgy as it is polished and the 32-year-old (and Channel Ten’s Head of Wardrobe, Natalie Crighton) rarely get it wrong – well there was that time her dress looked like it had a penis on it (it’s in the gallery below). But phallic prints aside, Bickmore nails it *cough* most nights she’s on our screens, which considering it’s six night a week that’s what we’d call a sartorial success.


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Who is your biggest style influence?

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