FLUFF: See Cara Delevingne before her eyebrows made her famous.

Cara Delevingne is the owner of the most famous eyebrows on the planet. They’re wild, they’re voluminous, they’re imposing in a hairy but elegant way. They have their own Twitter account, they have their own public image, they’re envied the world over and worshipped by make-up artists.

But the 21-year-old model whose face they reside on hasn’t always been Cara “Eyebrows” Delevingne. As a baby girl, her eyebrows were so white-blonde they were almost invisible. She’s virtually unrecognisable without those bushy brows – and we cannot stop looking at the photo she just shared on her Instagram.

Here’s Cara now, eyebrows front ‘n’ centre:

And here she is, Cara D before her gorgeous face got their star attractions. She’s the little cherub in the front. Cara’s sitting on her mama’s knee while her sisters Poppy and Chloe sit either side of her in matching outfits.

Let’s go ahead and zoom on into Cara’s cute-as-a-button face. Not even her mama would have predicted at this stage that one day, she’d grow up to have the most prominent eyebrows in the fashion industry.

And just because we’re on a flashback roll right now, here’s another photo the supermodel shared with all four million of her Instagram followers. That’s Cara on the right there, on what seems to be a sister’s floral day out.

Cara grew up to become one of the most in-demand models working in fashion today. Legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has publicly declared her one of his most important muses. She stars in a number of high-profile fashion campaigns, including Chanel, Burberry and DKNY. She’s also the face (and eyebrows) of YSL.

But not content with just the model life, Cara D has decided to get into acting too. She’ll star opposite Jack Fox in the movie Kids In Love and she’s rumoured to have a part in 50 Shades of Grey when it comes out.

She’s been romantically linked to actress Michelle Rodriguez, 35. They’re coy about their relationship with the media, but it’s possible they had a commitment ceremony during a holiday in Thailand recently. They’ve also been spotted kissing at the basketball, on a date to the theatre and getting out of cars together.

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