Can we please stop trying to the make the ‘bumpie’ happen?

This latest pregnancy trend is too much. Just don’t okay. Just. Don’t.

Another day, another baby bump picture.

But, no, it’s no longer just a “baby bump picture” it’s a Bumpie.

A bumpie, get it.

A selfie + a bump = a bumpie. 

Seriously guys? A bumpie?

There is even an app that helps you record your bumpie pictures and makes it easy to upload to social media.

Can we please top trying to the make the ‘bumpie’ happen?

I get it, you love your bump.  I loved my bump too.

And feel free to document your pregnancy, that’s a great memory to have.

But constant bumpies uploaded to social media. No. Just no. And no bumpie hashtagging either.





It’s one thing taking a photo of your bump but calling it a bumpie is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

I’m going to create a list of “terms people have coined and are now famous but have been happening forever” and the ‘bumpie’ is just the latest in very very long list. (Yes, I may need a more succinct title I know).

Of course the most recent thing on that list is the term that the bumpie is spurred from.

1900 - Edwardian Woman takes selfieVia Wikipedia

The selfie.

People have been taking ‘selfies’ forever. FOR. EVER. (Ok. Yes, it's limited to the time since cameras existed BUT I'm sure they drew pictures of themselves before that.)

Huffington Post reported in Dec last year that the oldest known self-portrait (see how classy that sounds instead of selfie), was taken by Robert Cornelius of Philadelphia in 1839. Yes you read that right. 1839.

Forgive me if I’m wrong (I’m not) but I’m pretty sure there was no internet back then.

Cornelius’ relatives must be kicking themselves over the fact he didn’t market that photo as a ‘selfie’. If he did maybe we’d all be talking about the Cornelius’ like we do the Kardashians.


Then there's the selfies of the 1900s. One by an Edwardian woman in 1900 taken with a Kodak Brownie box camera in front of the mirror. Almost the first bathroom selfie but she's in her living room. Bummer.

And my favourite - the first known teenage selfie by Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna taken in 1904.

She didn't snap chat it but she did send it to friends.

Anyway my point is - all of this stuff has been around forever. Why do we need a name for it?

1914 - 13 year old Grand Duchess Nikolaevna's selfieVia Wikipedia

Other items on the my list include:

Baby wearing - seriously? Do I need to explain this. Prams are a relatively new concept. Baby wearing has been around longer than the 1800s selfies and, worldwide, people continue to 'babywear' daily, except they probably have no idea it's called baby wearing. They probably just think of it as "I have a baby and it can't walk so I'll wrap it and carry it with me."

Baby led solids -  A few years ago EVERYONE was asking why I was doing BLS. All I was thinking was "WTF is BLS?" Turns out it meant I wasn't given my kids puree I was giving them 'real' food. Again, this has been around forever. In fact when I did give 'baby' food, my nan asked me why the baby was getting mushed up food. Again, I'm pretty sure blenders and thermomixers didn't exist in ye' ol' yonder years so I assume BLS was affectionately known as FEEDING  YOUR BABY.

Helicopter parenting - There have always been parents who are more protective of their kids than others and there always will be.  Deal with it.

I could keep going but I won't.

Why do we need a term for everything? Why can't it just be a photo, not a 'selfie' and why can it just be a photo of your bump, not a 'bumpie'?

People have been taking photos of their bumps for years do we really need to make them bumpies? No. No we don't.

Let's spare my Facebook newsfeed. Let's not make the bumpie happen.

CLICK THROUGH for all the celebrities and their 'bumpies':

What are your thoughts on the 'bumpie'? Are you over them clogging your newsfeed? Or love seeing other people's bumps?

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