Can Too: Aiming for a world without cancer.


To say Annie Crawford is an inspiration is an absolute understatement. Annie is both the founder and director of Can Too, a non-profit program that enables participants to not only achieve fitness goals, but fundraising directly towards one common goal: to live in a world without cancer. Having lost her father at the age of 51, it is safe to say that Annie knows a thing or two about tragedy. However, she also knows how to get straight back up; no matter how far you’ve fallen.

It has often been said that life is merely 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you respond to it. Throughout the course of life, one will inevitably find twists, turns, and quite a few bumps in the road. In times such as these, there is a choice: to fight, or flight. Annie fearlessly saw in times of her own sorrow, that she was not alone; that there are countless others feeling just as helpless as a result of the far too often negative ramifications of cancer.

Mother Teresa once urged to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Without a doubt, Annie has lived up to, and exemplified, these wise timeless words. By creating Can Too, Annie has acted as a beacon of hope for innumerable individuals looking to match their fitness incentives with an amazing cause. In fact, Can Too is well on their way, striving to raise $10,000,000 by the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival this upcoming September.

Although with that said, any Can Too participant would agree that it is not all about the physical accomplishments; nor the astounding funds raised by their own participation and hard work. The heart-wrenching reality in this day and age is that the majority of us have been, or will be, affected by cancer in one way or another. However what Can Too brings as a result of both Annie’s aspirations and those of the participants, is the overwhelming feeling of commonality and the overall sense of community. A communal beacon of hope, that we are never alone. And that is something cancer cannot touch.

Annie personifies the intangible sense of hope that so many of us find ourselves in dire need of at some point in the game. Though her humanitarian efforts don’t cease just yet; Annie is also an Ambassador for Opportunity International and Ma Afrikun Tikkun, which assists orphans in South Africa. Having completed over 14 run and swim programs (including 3 marathons) herself, Annie is inarguably the change in which we need to see in the world; and you Can be Too.

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Emily is a current intern at Can Too, a non-profit organization dedicated to matching fitness incentives with a great cause: to live in a world without cancer.

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