Butch Cupcakes. For manly men. Hold the sprinkles.

I just love this story in so many ways. Not least because cupcakes are perhaps my favourite food. The Butch Bakery is an American company who describe their business as “Where Butch Meets Buttercream”. As the website that brought you vagina cupcakes in 2009, it’s only fair that the men have bitten back with their own version of gender-specific baked goods.

On their website, they tell the story of Butch Bakery like this:

A bit of camo with your cupcake?

Butch Bakery was born when David Arrick felt it was time to combine a masculine aesthetic to a traditionally cute product -the cupcake.    When a magazine article mentioned that cupcakes were a combination of everything “pink, sweet, cute, and magical”, he felt it was time to take action, and butch it up.  He decided to create a company where “Butch meets Buttercream”.  David is delighted to bring this exciting culinary product to market.

Formerly an asset backed securities attorney for a major Wall Street law firm, David’s entrepreneurial spirit has taken him

Bloke in a box

on a new path.  A cum laude graduate of both New York University and New York Law School, he started Butch Bakery to bring a product to New York City that was completely unique and totally unprecedented.  It was time for a bakery company that produced masculine themed products, but stayed far away from the cliche – in other words, Butch Bakery would have no “golf tee” cupcakes, or “baseball” cupcakes, but would have products that guys would love.

And here is a selection from their menu:

And this is their logo along with their man-ifesto: