The Rogue Wrap-Up: This week's weird and wonderful


Welcome to The Rogue Wrap-Up, where we round up the week’s crazy internet goodness and add GIFs where appropriate.

You’re welcome.

1. The question on everyone’s lips this weekend is… (apart from the whole Kev VS Tony thing)

What noise does a fox make?

But seriously, apart from fictional foxes sounding like George Clooney and Merryl Streep has anyone ever actually heard one make a sound? We hadn’t, so this video was extremely informative.

2. Rosie tried to understand banks. Jamila’s head exploded. Sometimes we “writers” have a hard time with our life skills, because MATHS. Yes, Jamilla some people may have a grasp on things like how to vote, post a letter and the ins and out of the banking system, but when they were learning that we were busy watching Girls re-runs doing really important things, ok?

If you haven’t read Rosie’s post about banks yet, you are a dingus. To remedy your dingus ways READ IT NOW. It will make you feel better about yourself, either by a acknowledging your superior bank understanding or by identifying a fellow life-skills challenged twenty something therefore feeling less clueless and alone. Also if you are short on cash, let it be known Rosie is now keeping all her money* in a shoebox under her bed.

*anything that hasn’t already been spent on ASOS

3. Election Public Service Announcement: PUT THE BABY DOWN!


As we are all well aware of, the Federal Election is this weekend. In preparation for this both Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd have spent a good amount of time holding, patting and kissing babies. Not their babies. Other people’s babies.

We think it’s time these babies got a say. They aren’t just a politicians photo op. They have a voice too, and yes most of the time they just gurgle and squeal, but we say enough with the photos, LET THE BABIES SPEAK. Well speak through memes anyway. politicians or babies were harmed in the making of this gallery

4. Aziz Ansari is awesome. 

Aziz Ansari, the actor and comedian, cleverly pointed out how subtly racist and homophobic some of the material presented as part of Comedy Central’s Roast for James Franco was, whilst presenting material AT the Roast for James Franco (ooh, meta.) Not only is it massively cool to point out discrimination when you see it, the ability to do so in a witty and quite franc-ly (NOT SORRY) hilarious way is a goddamn gift. Check out the video below.

5. Get cliterate! 

US artist Sophia Wallace is gettin’ creative with the clitoris. Wallace has launched an exhibition that aims to inform people of some pretty cool facts about this pretty unique organ. For example, did you know that a clitoris can be internally about 9cm long? Or that it’s full anatomy was only discovered in 1998?!

Yep, there is a even we didn’t know about this nifty lil body part. Click through the gallery for some fun facts or find out more here. 



6. Don’t know anyone who you personally want to shower with gifts? Buy a porn star a new toaster! 

Yep, anonymously buying well known sex workers anonymous gifts on the internet is a thing now.  Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom and leaked sex tape fame (which you can read about here), has started an Amazon wish list, so fans can express their love by showering her in material possessions.

 Farrah Abraham is now technically a porn star. And she has taken part in something which many porn stars, escorts and strippers like to do: She has created an Amazon wishlist so that her fans can buy her items that she likes. Presumably this is for the purpose of fans being able to proudly think “Oh Porn Star X will love toasting a bagel on this sandwich press after a steamy session,” or “Perhaps I’ll see the adorable cushion I bought Porn Star Y feature in his next video escapade”. 

7. Obligatory Cat section of the internet. 

This gallery needs no accompanying words. The fact someone has allotted a section of their day to search the internet for these pictures and put them all in one very user friendly Tumblr makes everything in the world ok. Because CATS.

Here is a small selection, but if you want more visit the site.



8. You only fall in love twice, because Science says so

Some scientists did some test and pulled some numbers that said some stuff that has all of us freaking out a little bit. The crux of this science seems to be that statistically speaking, we are only going to fall in love twice. Obviously, the way we are approaching this is to completely freak out every lovely person who offers to take us on a date by laying out all our most undesirable features then and there, all or nothing baby! What baggage would you declare in order to weed out the love-nots from the loves of your life?


9. All of the memes!

If you haven’t already liked Mamamia Rogue on Facebook, don’t worry. You still can. Right now. We post funny shit that the powers that be won’t let us put on the real site . Like this…


10. Really, you still need help with finding time wasting material on the internet? Ok, ok but you twisted my arm.

Presenting, the best blooper real of all time. Comedy. Gold.