FLUFF: Victoria and David Beckham's son is a model now.

The eldest Beckham boy has just had his modelling debut.

Yep, Victoria and David Beckham’s son Brooklyn creased his brow and got his pout on for his first fashion shoot. The genetically blessed 15-year-old appears on the cover of Man About Town and he looks every bit the son of fashion/soccer/1990s pop royalty.

Here he is, earnest young man about town.

The photographer who worked with Brooklyn on the shoot, Alasdair McLellan, is apparently a friend of the Beckham family. So a sweet, friendly start to his modelling career, if that’s what he’s going to pursue. Who knows, he might have a boy-band pop ballad in him, or a Manchester United jersey in his future.

Only time will tell… (Brooklyn’s pa, David Beckham, was actually picked up by Man United when he was 16, so if BB wants to follow in his dad’s soccer-boot footsteps, he better get moving).

Speaking of David Beckham, here he is. He’s about a year older than Brooklyn is in this photo, and he’d just scored his Man United spot. No comment on the mullet – but look at those eyes.

The crew at Man About Town could not be more thrilled to have Brooklyn as their cover star. ‘We could not have wished for a stronger subject than Brooklyn to bring this story to life. He was a diligent, relaxed cover star for his first ever fashion shoot,’ said Editor-in-Chief Ben Reardon.

‘The story was a genuine pleasure for all involved. It is clear that he is becoming a credit to the family name, not only possibly the most famous in the world but one with a wealth of heavyweight fashion influence behind it.’

BONUS POINTS go to anyone who noticed that Brooklyn’s jacket has the word QUICHE embroidered on the front – which, it’s been confirmed, is a shoutout to Chris Lilley character Ja’mie. It’s her new word for ‘hot’ from the series Ja’mie: Private School Girl, which aired on the ABC here and HBO in the states.

The Beckhams proved how beautiful they all are earlier this year, with this front-row fashion show family photo.

Anyone else secretly hoping Brooklyn follows his mama, Posh Spice, into the pop industry?

With parents like these, the kids were always destined for fame…

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