Guess what you get for your birthday when Daddy’s a plastic surgeon?

Brittani Niccole got two presents from her dad when she turned 18 — bigger boobs. For her 21st, she got a nose job.

And he performed both operations.

Brittani with her dad, Dr Michael Niccole

Brittani's dad is plastic surgeon Dr Michael Niccole, who runs the Cosmeticare Plastic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, California. Michael and his wife Penny adopted Brittani and her sister Charm when they were babies.

In an interview with The Orange County Register, Brittani says the day she got her breasts done was “one of the best days of my life so far.”

"When I graduated high school Dad surprised me by saying, 'I've scheduled you in to have your boobs done next week'. I was so excited."

Brittani and Charm as children.

Charm got her first plastic surgery pressie from Daddy when she was  just 10 - he turned her outie into an innie. Since then she's had her boobs done and has regular botox treatements.

Again, Daddy's the one wielding the scalpel and needle.


Mum Penny told the Daily Mail she was initially reluctant to let her daughters undergo surgery.

"I didn't want them to think they could just turn to surgery every time they didn't like something about their appearance," she says. "And I worried that with it being so readily available they could become addicted to plastic surgery. I told Brittani she was beautiful the way she was - we always try to stress, beauty is within.

Brittani's nose job, before and after

"I fought it for a long time but when I saw how much she hated her nose, I gave in again," she said.

Michael insists he's not the reason his daughters are plastic surgery fans, but if they want a procedure done he'd prefer to do it himself because "nobody would treat my daughter the way I would".

"They have grown up in an environment of beauty," he told. "Our cars are always immaculate, our house is immaculate and all our friends are beautiful."

The girls are also walking advertisements for his plastic surgery practice.

"Almost all of our friends have had procedures done by my dad, whether that's boob jobs, liposuction, Botox or skin peels," says Charm.

"In Orange County you are judged on your looks. there's just so much pressure on everyone to look perfect. If you go or a job interview in the beauty industry, obviously the person who is better looking is going to get the job - that's just how it is here."

Just be thankful you don't live in Orange County.

What would you say if your daughter told you she wanted plastic surgery?


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