Britney's new video: starring her kids. Adorable much?

1. It’s Britney bitch. And her two kids!

Britney Spears has released a new music video and it is pretty darn adorable.

The song is called Ooh La La and, being the official tune for the upcoming Smurfs movie sequel, she decided to get her two young boys involved.

Jayden and Preston look like they’re having crazy fun with their Mummy and ALL THE SMURFS.

Does anyone else get a warm fuzzy seeing Britney in such a good place? Love.

Check the video out here:


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3.Ryan Gosling has written an article about pigs. Obviously.

Oh Ryan Gosling. You had us at “Primatologist”.

He’s written an article for a Canadian newspaper imploring people to take better care of pigs in captivity. Did we mention Ryan Gosling? Ryan Gosling.

“…Our pets share these traits with other animals; including those we don’t share our lives with, such as farm animals. As primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall has noted, “Farm animals feel pleasure and sadness, excitement and resentment, depression, fear and pain. They are far more aware and intelligent than we ever imagined … they are individuals in their own right.”

Pigs, specifically, outperform even chimpanzees on some tests of cognitive prowess.

So of course these animals also deserve our care and attention. That’s why I was so heartened to learn that Canada is taking steps toward improving the treatment of animals in the food supply.”

For the full article in Canada’s The Globe and Mail, click here.


4. Guess which celebrity flew his private jet to Scotland to search for the Loch Ness Monster last week? Click here to find out.



5. Look: what J-Lo wore when she went back to ‘the block’:


Hmmm. Somehow, we think that Jennifer Lopez’s PR team were busy looking for onesies on ASOS the day that this shoot was approved.

The singer/actress/reality TV show judge has posed for W Magazine in front of her old house in The Bronx, but the whole spread is of a somewhat questionable taste.

The pictures feature J-Lo strutting around the working class neighbourhood wearing… a mink coat. Because she’s no longer “from the Bronx!” (If you didn’t holla that like Jenny from the Block, you’re living wrong.)

Here’s an excerpt from the accompanying interview:

“She turned away from the house and went to her dressing-room trailer, where she would be transformed into the star she had dreamed of becoming. An hour later, she was swathed in a mink coat and high black patent-leather stilettos, her hair styled in a shoulder-length wave. Lopez walked the street as if it were a runway.”

So what do you reckon? In slightly poor taste? Or just a fabulous role-model for future J-Lo’s?


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7. TOTAL MIND F#@K: King Joffrey loving on a puppy.

So, admittedly, this one is purely for all the Game of Thrones fans out there, because if you don’t watch the show you’ll have no idea why this is messing with SO MANY people’s heads. It’s Jack Gleeson, AKA King Joffrey, PLAYING WITH A PUPPY.

GOT fans the world over are confused. And concerned that immediately after these photos were taken he took the puppy home and killed it. (Disclaimer: He didn’t. Debbie the puppy is totally fine.)


8. This A-list star has confessed he thought he was going to die when he was attacked by a cheetah. See the shock footage here.