Britney tweets bikini pics. Again.

It seems like Britney’s loving the heat in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. Really, really loving it.

So much so that she’s gotten a little trigger happy with the bikini photos lately.

And here is the latest. The 30-year-old pop star tweeted a picture of herself in a white bikini with the caption: “Y’all ready for summer to end? I’m definitely not!”

It’s actually really nice to see the sometimes-troubled star having such a happy holiday. Good on her.

This from people.com:

Spears, 30, posted a picture of herself on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest looking like a true California glamour girl, complete with a white bikini, toned body, sun-kissed skin, wind-swept blonde hair and a cool pair of shades.

“Y’all ready for summer to end?” the mom of two wrote to accompany the photo, but did not say when or where it was taken. “I’m definitely not!”

Luckily for Spears – who has been previously photographed in the same bikini – the summer doesn’t seem to be over just yet. The hot weather in Los Angeles is expected to last at least the rest of the month.

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