Is this what a mum's life really looks like?

The photo blowing mums, dads and non-parents’ minds everywhere.

We’re just going to get straight into this one.

Life of Dad posted this photo to their entertainment Facebook site, which in its 8 hours of life at the time of publishing, has over 102,000 likes.

From Life of Dad Facebook.

Now, before you read the following, go back and take a good long look at that photo. Because it's had several very different responses and while we are here...let's play a game...which response did you fall into as you stared at the photo.

"That's totally an elbow, you weirdos."

Many initially thought her daughter was sucking on her elbow. But many were quick to point out the evidence that she is, in fact, sucking on a boob.

"She is breastfeeding. You can tell because her arm that you can see has a tan. Her chest is obviously lighter."

"That's what I thought at first but it's def a boobie lol."

"Ew, tampons, gross."

Yes, some commented on the amount of tampons in the cupboard. Because (insert sarcasm) THAT is the weirdest thing in this entire photo.

"Are you seriously complaining about the tampons in the picture???"

"This is the most disgusting thing I could ever think of in life."

From the dads to the mums to the non-parents, many could not believe that breastfeeding your toddler on the toilet is really necessary.

"Hey I'm a mother and even I would not breastfeed my child while going to the toilet. A couple of minutes is not going to kill the child to wait!!!! I agree with the men!!!!"

"This is totally ridiculous. I have 4 kids and breastfed them all as babies, never once did I do so while using the bathroom. I have in restaurants, shopping malls, on an airplane, at home, the park, and a bunch of other places, but not while on the toilet. That's not even a small infant, she's at the age where she can wait."

"Ewwwwwwww, no, every child needs to understand boundaries and "personal time ". My daughter is 8 and this had never ever happened in my house ... And she's breastfeeding f*cken ewwwww unsanitary."

Someone even went to the effort to use this meme to display their outrage.

"Wait...someone took a photo of this?"

Yes, someone thought, hey that would make a great photo. And snapped away.

"What woman with respect would breast feed and let her child smell her nasty sh*t, better yet let a pervert take a picture for the world to see. Sick and disgusting."

"Totally my life."

And finally, mums came out to say that when you have kids, doing a number 1 or number 2 does not guarantee privacy.

"This is the realest pic I've ever seen."

"It's realistic. Men will never actually understand women & our duties."


"So she's nursing while on the toilet, so the hell what?! She's caring for her daughter and smiling while doing it!! Some of you complaining and judgmental miserable asses don't half way feed, spend time with or take care of your own children! Grow up! ! # you rock mom #"

And someone posted this meme in support:

So...which group were you in?

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