Breastfeeding specialist tells mum to stop breastfeeding.

There’s a first for everything.

All too often we hear of breastfeeding specialists forcing mums to breastfeed.

“Breast is best,” they cry as they pressure new vulnerable mums.

So we were a little taken back when we heard one telling a mum to put her boob away.

But then the story got even more complicated.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Danise Sumpter, mum of two kiddies, went on a local morning show to defend herself.

See, she breastfeeds her daughter, Belle.

Who is 6-years-old. In Year 2.

And has no plans to stop any time soon.


Denise, 44, said, "Our culture makes it feel like people might object." According to The MirrorDenise went on to say she's been contacted by many mums who still breastfeed their children after their toddler years.

Densie claims that breast milk is, "not just a drink - it's nutrition". Many mums who continue to breastfeed their children make this claim, saying the nutrients in breast milk is essential for their children's development and health.

But that's where things got a little awkward. Because the morning show had a former midwife and breastfeeding specialist, Clare Byam-Cook, on the panel.

And instead of saying "breast is best", she said the breast milk, when a child is 6-years-old, is "negligible".


She's a specialist, so she should know.

Via Twitter.

She continued, "We want to support breastfeeding and we want to encourage it, but it’s the early months that are important."

Instead she accused Denise of "teaching your child to use food as a source of comfort - why don’t you just cuddle her?"

Denise hit back, saying that breastfeeding young children is completely natural (and common in underdeveloped countries). With Clare responding, "It’s not right to say what's natural in an undeveloped country is the same as a developed country."

She was probably referring to the fact that in developed countries, there is a lot more resources to nourish children.

Besides the nutrition side of things...isn't Denise's daughter kind know...embarrassed to still breastfeed?

Denise says no. "If my child is embarrassed - that’s a problem with this culture."

After the show ended, viewers took to twitter to battle it out.

What do you think? Is 6 too old?

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