A gift for all women this Mother’s Day.

Geraldine and her daughter Alexandra.


Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift?  You can support all women this Mother’s Day by making your gift a gift for breast cancer research.

Geraldine Little of Cooloola Cove QLD believes that “a world without breast cancer” would be the best Mother’s Day gift of all.

When Geraldine began supporting the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia, she never thought that one day she would benefit from the breast cancer research it supports.

“I started making regular donations in 2007 because my aunt had breast cancer and I wanted to make a contribution to research,” said Geraldine.

Then, in 2009 at the age of 44, Geraldine was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My world fell apart that day.  I never imagined this would happen to me,” said Geraldine.

Her treatment included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, as well as the hormonal treatment tamoxifen.

“Supporting breast cancer research is even more important to me now as I am living proof of the progress possible through research.  Today life is good for me, but I know that not all women survive breast cancer despite their courageous fight.  And I worry for my 15 year old daughter and my three step-daughters – I don’t ever want them to go through what I did,” said Geraldine.

“Please will you join me and make a donation to the Mother’s Day Research Appeal today?  Your gift can help to save more lives and change the future for our children and future generations.”

Donate to the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia Mother’s Day Research Appeal today at and you’ll receive a beautiful card for your mum which acknowledges your special gift.  As well as a traditional card, you can also choose a new, animated card.  This is a lovely, engaging video which takes your mother on a journey and ends with your personal message.

Donate now by visiting or call 1800 423 444.

The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia is the fundraising department of the Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG).  For over 35 years this Group has conducted Australia’s only independent, collaborative clinical trials research program for the treatment, prevention and cure of breast cancer.  Our research has contributed to the 29% fall in deaths from breast cancer seen over the past 20 years.

Every day in Australia, 37 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Each of these women can receive a treatment which has been proven to be safe and effective through the clinical trials research process. Because of this research, they are more likely to survive longer and free of breast cancer than at any other time in history.

The national clinical trials research program of the ANZBCTG is committed to establishing more effective and well tolerated treatments which aim to save lives, protect quality of life, prevent breast cancer and lower the long-term risk of breast cancer returning.

By working with researchers throughout Australia and globally, our resources are pooled, duplication is avoided and knowledge is shared. This ensures that research questions can be answered much sooner and with greater certainty, thus benefitting women at the earliest opportunity.

Your support for this research can help women everywhere, every day, to overcome this disease. It will also help work towards a future free of breast cancer for generations to come.

For more information, please visit

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