BREAKING: Mark “Chopper” Read dies.

Chopper Read
Chopper Read




One of Australia’s most infamous criminals, Mark “Chopper” Read, has reportedly died at the age of 58.

Read had been battling liver cancer since April 2012. He says his illness started when he contracted hepatitis C while in prison.

Read is the criminal who is famous for having both his ears cut off by a fellow inmate so that he could leave temporarily.

He spent at least 23 years in prison for crimes including armed robbery, assault, arson and impersonating a police officer.


In his later life he became a successful writer of semi-autobiographical and fictional books.

In 2000, a movie “Chopper” was made about Read’s life. Eric Bana played the lead role.

Read was reportedly released from hospital only two days ago to be with family and friends.



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