5 TV show finales that deserved as much hype as Breaking Bad.

Bryan Cranston as Walter Walt Breaking Bad.


So. It’s over.

Breaking Bad came to an end last night.

Of course the interwebs was immediately flushed with a million ‘deconstructions’ (when it’s a serious drama there aren’t recaps or reviews, there are ‘deconstructions’) of the final episode and whether or not it did the series justice.

I’m still making up my mind. It was… Well, I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet. And also, I’m just not really sure what to say. This was my favourite show of all time, and I’m kind of in a confused and emotional state right now (no exaggeration – apparently when I came into the office this morning I looked ‘dazed’).

I’m not the only one.

Breaking Bad was trending number one worldwide on Twitter yesterday, and even people who haven’t ever watched the show were talking about it, wondering why all these other crazy people were obsessively talking about it.

And now, as with every massive TV show that comes to an end, the debate will begin. TV series finales are always polarizing, and Breaking Bad can now be added to the list of shows with endings that everybody will remember.

Here’s (in no particular order because I could never choose), 5 TV show endings that got everybody talking.

1. Seinfeld

After 9 years of being awful to everyone, it was only fair that the gang end up in prison for, well, being awful to someone. A lot of people didn’t like the way this one ended up, but the courtroom scene was a brilliant way to bring back a bunch of the classic characters that everyone loved.


2. The Sopranos

Um… What? Did my TV just break? After 6 seasons of what came to be considered one of the greatest TV dramas of all time, the final scene built to a dramatic crescendo and then – cut to black. If you want to try and break this badboy down there are many internet rabbit-holes you can fall down with theory upon theory upon theory. Is considered genius by some and a total cop-out by everyone else.

3. Friends

After ten years on air, Ross and Rachel finally get together. Chandler and Monica are married. Pheobe has Mike. Joey has the duck and a really crappy spin-off in LA. They take one final look around the empty apartment they could never have possibly afforded, and leave.

4. M*A*S*H

Although it aired in 1983, the two and a half hour final episode of M*A*S*H is still the most watch series finale of all time.

This is why:

5. Sex and the City

Watching this episode was an emotional experience for many, many women. It was either “WHY DID CARRIE CHOOSE BIG?” or “I’M SO HAPPY CARRIE CHOSE BIG!”


Here’s a whole bunch more:

So, which TV show finale got you talking?