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Dear blokes. This is definitely, definitely NOT hot.

A brazilian wax with an audience: yay or nay?

No matter how busy or intense we often find our lives, every girl makes time for her pamper sessions. Personally I’m not a fan of manicures or pedicures – I HATE strangers filing my nails, the very thought of it as I’m typing this sends chills down my back – and yes my friends think I’m an alien for it.

But I do value my nail-time at home, my longer showers when I’m shaving, my wax sessions, etc. It’s that activity that breaks up our routine and lets us unwind a little and give our bodies some loving.

Some of those pampering sessions are to be had with friends, like a mani or pedi. But as I was leaving home for my wax appointment the other day, I heard this from my husband: “Can I come with you and watch?”

Now, I will always love my husband’s enthusiasm and interest in what’s going on in my life. He’s one of the best and most patient listeners I know and he has a talent for feigning interest in girly issues, God bless him. But really? Sitting in on my wax session?

I’d really like to get your feedback on this! Have any of you had a partner accompany you to your wax session? And I’m not just talking a standard leg wax or something minimal like an eyebrow wax – I’m talking full Brazilian.

Why would your man want to watch some lady smear hot liquid on your special area (as sexual as that may sound..!), proceed to rip at it with such force that it feels like she’s using your body to work out her arm muscles, and leave your skin raw? Because that’s an image that will turn on any guy..! (Sarcasm intended.) Not to mention the vicarious pain and subsequent squirming they’d be displaying.

On the other hand, your partner is supposedly the person you share everything with and can be the most open and comfortable with. I cry in front of my husband, get dressed in front of him, go to the toilet while he’s in the room (for Number 1 that is, there’s no way I’ll do Number 2 in front of him! Is that normal?), and shower together.


So what’s the difference between shaving my legs while he’s in the shower with me (which I have no problem doing) and having my Braz done while he’s in the room? Is it related to the body part being groomed? Is it because someone else is doing the wax for me whereas I’m the one shaving my own legs? I know that once when I was waxing my own bikini line at home he did watch for all of 10 seconds before it got too much for him…or did he just get bored?

Relationship boundaries: does this cross the line?

Or maybe it’s related to this whole fantasy notion where girls don’t want to “spoil” their partner’s attraction or connection to that part of the female body by watching the behind-the-scenes in-the-making footage.

It’s like hesitating to eat that amazing chocolate pudding after seeing how much sugar, butter and calories have gone into it. If that’s the case, why are we protecting our men’s fantasy like that? Come to think of it, it may actually be beneficial for our men to get a sense of the pain we put ourselves through in our grooming sessions!

A genuine, open relationship means that both partners should know exactly who the other person is – body hair included. If anything, being able to share something as trivial as a wax session together should bring you closer together. It’s like another layer of intimacy that you let in to your relationship.

Surely if he really loves you and respects you, the fantasy will always remain: No matter how many times we’ve watched the Behind-The-Scenes of The Titanic, we’ll always keep wishing we were Kate Winslet flying on the bow of the ship and wishing it was us in Leo DiCaprio’s arms.

Sharon is a 25-year-old laugh-aholic who doesn’t believe in regrets. She feeds her soul by going for brunches with the girls, locking herself in her art studio to bursts of creativity, and her weekly Body Balance sessions.

Would you let your partner watch you get a wax? What behaviour crosses the line of over-sharing?