BLOG: 5 ways Anne Hathaway is smashing short hair.


Man Hathaway.

That’s the moniker Anne Hathaway gave herself immediately after her long hair was cut into a short pixie for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.  The 30-year-old was “inconsolable” and reduced to a “mental patient level of crying” (her words, not mine) once the hairdresser had downed tools and she was able to have a long, hard look in the mirror.

From looking through the latest red carpet photos, we have an inkling that Hathaway might’ve made amends with her hair (and the hairdresser that lopped it off).

From messy and tousled to slicked and swept-back, Anne Hathaway is smashing short hair out of the park. At the BAFTA awards recently we were gobsmacked by Anne Hathaway’s fringed pixie cut. It was completely different from the look she sported at the SAG awards and different again from the Oscars Luncheon in early February.

How was she doing that? It’s like she’s some kind of fabulous hair Houdini. I mean, who knew there were so many different ways to style a pixie cut? When I went uber-short it ended up being a spiked mess of fudge, I’m ashamed to say it, for the entire year it took to grow back.

We’ve picked five of her most crush-worthy styles and added product suggestions and tips to help revamp your short hair:

Sleek: Blow dry hair and use fingers to pull hair to one side. Apply a dot of O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum and work through hair, then use a straightener to enhance individual pieces before setting with movable hairspray.

Tousled: Blow dry hair, then apply KMS Messing Creme to get that messy second day texture – pull out individual pieces for an uneven dishevelled look.

Sleek and Side-parted: If your hair has a slight wave in it, straighten it first. Part hair to one side, run a smoothing product that doesn’t add weight like OROFLUIDO Beauty Elixir. Set with hairspray.

Swept-back: Apply a mousse like David Babaii Amplifying Foaming Mousse on wet hair. Blow dry sides away from the face, then blow dry the top of hair with a medium round brush. Use fingers to lift to your desired height.

Textured: Apply a root-lifting spray to hair first, then blow dry hair brushing the bulk of your hair forward with a round brush. Warm up a product like evo Easy Tiger smoothing fluid in your hands and use fingers to work the product through hair, piecing out sections as you go.

Nicky is the Style and Beauty Editor at Mamamia. She has a bachelor degree in design and worked in the fashion industry for five years before obtaining a postgraduate  qualification in journalism. You can find her on twitter here.

What celebrity hairstyle are you crushing on right now?