This is what Kim Kardashian looks like with no eyebrows.

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UPDATE: Remember that time we all freaked out when Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows went AWOL? Now we know why.

The reality TV star’s solo cover of Love Magazine has just been released. Decked out in Prada, Kim helps celebrate the designer’s upcoming collection. See? You don’t even need eyebrows to land a magazine cover these days.

So, in conclusion, KK didn’t shave her brows off in a fit; it was all for fahshun.

Source: Instagram/@thelovemagazine

We previously wrote: Public service announcement: Kim Kardashian's eyebrows are missing in action.

It seems the 34-year-old misplaced her naturally dark, healthy-looking brows en route to her sister Kendall Jenner's birthday party earlier this week. Well, look, okay - technically speaking they're still on her face. They've just been obscured by a liberal application of bleach.

In her latest Instagram photos, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and her newly white brows are seen posing with model Cara Delevingne.

Because if there's one way to draw attention to your lack of eyebrows, it's standing right next to the Brow Queen herself.

Sensing her photos would provoke - if not an international search party - widespread fear for the welfare of missing brows, Kim considerately used the hashtags #DontBeScaredOfMyBleachedBrows and #ItsForAPhotoShoot. Well, phew. Call off the search party, we can all relax now.

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Although the new look has got us all talking, Kim isn't the first celebrity to embrace the ghostly brow in recent months. Hell, she's not even the first Kardashian to do so.


Her sister Kendall wore the look in a Givenchy campaign earlier this year, while Miley Cyrus' brows performed a disappearing act in W magazine. Most recently, Katy Perry debuted a pair of bleached brows on Instagram. Even the blue and green braided updo, plastered-down fringe and metallic nail art she wore in the photo weren’t enough to distract us from her eyebrows. Or lack there of.

“This product is basically perfect brows in a can”

So yes, while the rest of us are furiously doing everything in our power to fatten up our brows, our celebrity friends are eschewing them altogether.

If you're considering bleaching your brows, but like a sane person, feel frightened by the idea of having bleach anywhere near your face, you can temporarily try the look using makeup.

Product we secretly want: Eyebrow wigs

You'll need to experiment with a few different concealers to find the right texture - a liquid one designed for covering the under-eye area rather than a stiff pimple-covering concealer will work best.

To try it, brush through a combination of concealer and illuminator, then set the brows with a clear brow gel.

Apologies in advance - we can't guarantee it'll look good. Perhaps it's best to stick to our preferred eyebrow trend - full, natural and luscious. Allow these celebrities to show you the way:

Would you ever try the white brow look?