Challenge: I'm going to drink a little less vino, and walk more every day.

‘When we had our dog Molly, Mum and I would walk every day and sometimes two or three times a day.’



We had a dog when I was growing up. Cool story, I know.
Her name was Molly and she was a border collie x kelpie which (if you’re not a dog person) is kind of dog that needs constant exercise. If Molly was kept inside for too long she’d go a little stir crazy. She wanted to be outside playing all the time, chasing a ball or a frisbee or smelling another dog’s butt.
Anyway, the one beautiful thing about having a dog (aside from the unwavering affection) is that it keeps you active. When we had Molly, Mum and I would walk every day and sometimes two or three times a day. We’d walk her in the morning before I’d go off to school and often when we’d get home, we’d grab the lead and take her for a stroll.
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‘A glass of wine is far more appealing than the gym clothes that are accumulating dust in the corner.’

But the one thing we’d always, always, ALWAYS do was take the dog for a walk before bed. It didn’t matter if it was 9pm or 1am, we’d grab our runners (and fluffy jumpers in the winter) and walk a couple of blocks.

Molly loved it (she got her walk) and even though I sometimes complained about it, I kind of loved it to. The 20 minute walk gave us a chance to catch up, clear our heads and get that little bit of extra exercise we probably needed.
These days my life is a little different. After a fairly considerable commute to the city, I work long hours and then I tackle a fairly considerable commute home during peak hour.
I don’t have a dog to get me motivated anymore so these days when I get home from work, a glass of wine is far more appealing than the gym clothes that are accumulating dust in the corner.I wouldn’t say I do it every night of the week, but if I’m home and my boyfriend’s home and we’re cooking or relaxing in front of the TV, we can be pretty good at chilling in our trackie pants and enjoying a sneaky glass (or two).And as everyone knows, once you’re in your trackies for the night… There’s no going back.That is, until now.

Lucy’s pledge.

I’m putting my foot down – literally. I’m going to walk more every day.

This week, I’ve started getting out and walking again at night and I’m actually really enjoying it. (Maybe more than the glass of wine.)

Summer’s almost here, the night’s are long and walking- especially when you do it with someone else – can be kind of therapeutic.

I’ve just moved house so deciding to walk more every day has allowed me to explore the new suburb and say hi to some of the new neighbours. It gives me a chance to catch up on what’s happening with friends or my boyfriend, clear my head if I’m walking alone and it’s a constant reminder that there’s more to life than what’s happening on TV and computer screens.

And if I’m really struggling, it’s good to know that there’s always the record button for later.


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Last week Elissa committed to ‘A little less procrastination, a little more bush walking‘.  This week Lucy is pledging ‘A little less vino, a little more walking’.


So, what could you be doing a little less of, and a little more of instead?