A detailed explainer of what's really going on inside the epic Kardashian feud.

The Kardashians are pretty komplicated.

Firstly there seems to be about 83 of them, and secondly a different one is always getting into mischief online each week.

This week, it’s brother Rob Kardashian who has allegedly started a feud of HUGE proportions amongst the family.

In order to truly understand this feud, to get the intricacies of why this is actually a very big deal, you have to go back to the beginning.

We have created this helpful explainer to map out just why this is a very very scandalous story, and how it could result in Kylie Jenner becoming a step-mum and an auntie, and Rob Kardashian becoming a step-dad and uncle.

As a quick overview, the feud allegedly began after Chyna hinted at a relationship with Rob Kardashian on her Instagram, and Rob followed up by posting this Instagram shot that may or may not imply that Chyna and Rob would like to have a baby one day:


A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Sister Khloe appeared to be very NOT HAPPY with this turn of events, tweeting about not going against the family:

She quickly clarified that she may not actually be talking about Rob:

Before confirming that she was definitely talking about Rob as well:

Buckle in.

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