Bindi Irwin just pissed off everyone in America.

So Bindi Irwin just went on Good Morning America to promote her new collaboration with US SeaWorld.

You know, the place that is currently on top of every person’s hate list since a shocking documentary revealed that they essentially torture their animals for entertainment.

Apparently nobody told Bindi that the water park has seen a massive drop in popularity (and money) since the doco Blackfish outed them as an Orca torture chamber. Take a look at the trailer:

So seemingly unaware Bindi pottered along to GMA with her mum Terri and brother Bob to tell them how excited she was to be continuing in her father’s animal conservation footsteps by working with SeaWorld:

Run little penguins! RUN!

It then took about 30 seconds for her to become the most hated woman in America.

Bindi was hit with a tidal wave of outrage on social media:

There’s already a Change.org petition imploring Bindi to reconsider. Someone should probably have kept up to date with their animal conservation documentaries…

Here’s Bindi in less controversial times: 

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